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  Electronica recording artist and LoFREEQ Recordings label chief Druu was one of the founders of Bite Me TV. Druu hosted Drink 'n Play and Quick Bite!, was a director and cameraman on the other shows, handled editing and composing duties on all of Bite Me TV's shows and ran Bite Me TV's website.        
  Joel Bonifacio was Bite Me TV's marketing guru and one of its founders. Joel was resident chef for season 1 of BITE ME! the MAN Cooking Show, hosted Quick Bite!, was a director and cameraman on the other shows and was in charge of Bite Me TV's still photography and photo editing.
  Amy Markham is an internationally published glamour model from Texas. Having been published dozens of times, she expanded into the world of entertainment, starting as a host for Bite Me TV. You can find Amy gracing the pages of men's magazines, both online and print, on automotive after market product posters, and online with her countless web interviews and features.        
  Arley Elizabeth hosted many of Bite Me TV's Car Culture and Field Trippin' episodes. Arley is a model, she does all of her own stunts (she's a part-time stunt woman trained at the Academy of Theatrical Combat) and was in charge of keeping the guys on the Bite Me TV crew in check. Yes, she can kick all of their asses.        
  "Quang-Bang" X. Vu was Bite Me TV's ninja photographer. From handling studio shoots to running rampant all over Southern California shooting events for Car Culture, Quang always got the shots.        
  Josh Landis was one of Bite Me TV's show hosts. A trained actor, dancer and choreographer, Josh hosted season 2 of BITE ME! the MAN Cooking Show and occasionally hit the road with the crew to host episodes of Field Trippin'.