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Field Trippin'

Episode 308
2010 SPOCOM Super Show
(Part 1)

SPOCOM expanded to three shows in 2010, and the Bite Me TV crew returned to cover their Long Beach, California Super Show for the second time. SPOCOM sets itself apart from other import car shows by not only showcasing impressive cars and lovely ladies, but also including many high performance auto parts manufacturers.

In our first of two episodes covering SPOCOM, we visit the pre-party, check out the show floor, get a look at Formula DRIFT cars, enjoy the lingerie show hosted by Kat Gutierrez, see if the b-boys at the NOS booth have what it takes and lay our eyes on the gogo dancers at the show.

Monique May is our featured gogo in this episode, plus feast your eyes on models Natalia Marie, Raichelle Viado, Kailiyah Rey, Sheleen Dee and Tracy Nova.